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The doctorate in psychoanalysis is an initiative of the Institute of Humanistic Psychoanalysis. The current headquarters of the Institute of Psychoanalysis is in the city of Santa Maria-RS, which developed this program to provide to the future psychoanalysts this epistemological chain of humanistic psychoanalysis of Erich Fromm, a course at the doctoral level. Because we feel the need to qualify psychoanalysts towards research and clinic, and offer a course of specialization (Latu Sensu) in Theory and Practice of Humanistic Psychoanalysis, and also the clinical dimension during the process of psychoanalytic training. Come realize your dream of becoming a scientist of the unconscious mind. 

"Therefore, we believe that psychoanalytic science must become "science of man", because it is the one that brings, in its own method, the humanization, by offering the treatment of the human unconscious. Then, analyzing in this light, this knowledge must become the patrimony of humanity" (Dr. Salézio Plácido Pereira).



Doctorate in Psychoanalysis Online

"Those who are aware that science, when not inhibited by the limitations of it methodology, when it is pure and humble, leads man to an unspecified field of consequences, not even dreamed, that they may arise from it. (Erich Fromm).


 Doctoral  Psychoanalysis - January 31st, 2020

 Doctoral  Psychoanalysis

Marize Cristina Sudati Silva 

 Doctoral  Psychoanalysis

 Eden Jorge Pereira Perez

 Doctoral  Psychoanalysis

Andréa Alves Borgert

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