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Dean: Prof. Dr. Salézio Pereira Placido - (Santa Maria-RS-Brazil) – Ph.D. in Social Psychology.

Vice Dean: Dr. Carla C.M. Froner - (Santa Maria - RS - Brazil) - Ph.D. in Social Psychology.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Tasciotti , Dr. H. C. in economics . Secretary for intercultural affairs council of europe .

Department of International Cooperation for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis and the Promotion of Psychic Health.

Department of International Cooperation: Professor. Jorge A. Garzarelli - Buenos Aires - Argentina – Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Department of Human Promotion and Health Prevention: Prof. Dr. Giorgio Risari - (Lovere - Italy) – Ph.D. in Philosophy.

Department of Research and Extension: Prof. Dr. Andre Keppe  – Ph.D. in Psychological Social (USP-Brasil -

Department of Personnel Management - Leontino Farias dos Santos (Sao Paulo SP) Doctor in Religious Sciences. (Brazil)

Department of Researcher Assistance and Promotion: Prof. Dr. Shlomo Zekhry- (São Paulo SP Brazil) – Ph.D. in Social Psychology.

Legal and Research Department: Prof. Prof. Dr. Éden Jorge Perez - (Porto Alegre - RS- Brazil) – Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Eslaban Department of scientific analysis and methodology of doctoral theses at the Humanist University of the Americas.

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