Thesis Advisors


Professor Doctor Salézio Plácido Pereira (Santa Maria - RS) ( Psychoanalyst taught, Doctor. in Social Psychology from the University of Argentina John Kennedy, Doctor of Psychoanalysis at the University of Sciences of the Man of Paris, Master in Psychology Education, Director of the Institute of Humanistic Psychoanalysis, President of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Permanent Member of the International Society of Erich Fromm.


Research Areas:

1 - Studies of emotions and impulses of the unconscious mind.

2 – Promotion of mental health 3 - Epistemology of Humanistic Theory of Erich Fromm.

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Professor  Doctor  Carla Cristine M. Froner (Santa Maria – Rio Grande do Sul) - Psychoanalyst, Didactics, Psychopedagogist, Doctor of Social Psychology, Coordinator and Professor of the Institute of Humanist Psychoanalysis, guiding articles and theses on Humanistic Psychoanalysis, Permanent Member of the International Society of Erich Fromm.


Research areas:

A) Studies of Graphology applied to psychoanalysis.

B) The development of the child's psyche.

C) The clinical analysis of the neuroses and psychoses in children and adolescents.


Professor Doctor Andréa Alves Borgert- Psychoanalyst, Graduated in Letters from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), postgraduate in Multidisciplinary Pedagogical Practices in Basic Education and School Management (FEJ) Joinvile S / C School of Education, State Teacher Santa Catarina, Aspiring Member of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis.

Research Areas:
A) Overcoming existencial challenges

B) the cultural unconscious from the perspective of creativity and productivity

C) The potential of leaders' effort and dedication as a cathexis of personal fulfillment

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Professor Doctor Leontino Farias dos Santos - Master (Sao Paulo SP) Psychoanalyst, University Teacher, Educator, Director of public school in São. Paulo, Presbyterian Pastor, Master of sciences of religion, with Major in Social Sciences, and Doctor in psychoanalysis at the Atlantic International Univerdsity .


Research Area:

A) Study of the life and work of the humanists people.

B) The formation of character under the view of Erich Fromm.

C) The epistemological relationship between theology and psychoanalysis.


Professor Doctor Marize Cristina Sudati - Psychoanalyst, Degree in Mathematics from UFSM - SM RS, Specialist in Mathematics Teaching Methodology from Urcamp - RS, Specialist in Clinical Psychoanalysis from the Santa Catarina Higher Education Complex, (Cesusc), Postgraduate - Lato -Sense- In Humanistic Clinical Psychoanalysis, Effective Member of Sinpers, PhD in Humanistic Psychoanalysis by HUA, ITPH Faculty Member for Psychoanalysis Training Courses, Member of HUA Thesis Defense Examiners, Member of the Scientific Committee, Research and Extension of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Member of the WAOHS Deliberative Council, Publisher of the State University of Londrina

Research Areas:
A) Self-Esteem development; self concept & self image

B) The structure of the inferiority complex a emotional, physical and social abuses

C) Existencial conditions for self-esteem development

Professor Doctor Eden Jorge Pereira Perez. Psychoanalyst, Legal Adviser at ITPH and the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Born in Santiago (RS), graduated in Law, lawyer with consulting in civil and commercial areas. Legal consultant at Banco do Brasil. Career employee and lawyer at Banco do Brasil. Education in Humanistic Psychoanalysis, Member of the International Psychoanalysis Society of Erich Fromm- Tubinguem - Germany


Professor Doctor Shlomo Zekhry- (São Paulo SP) - Psychoanalyst, holds a degree in social work from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (1968), a bachelor's degree in law from the São Francisco University (1976), a master's degree in social sciences from the postgraduate school of social sciences - complementary institution of USP (1970) .President of the Society of Transcendental Psychoanalysis and doctorate in social psychology from the University of Taubaté (1977). He is currently a full professor at Ibirapuera University.


Professor Doctor Marc André da Rocha Keppe Psychoanalyst Graduated in Psychology from the United Metropolitan College. He completed his Masters Degree in Psychology (Clinical Psychology) from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) in the Department of Psychosomatics and Hospital Psychology and earned his Doctorate in Psychology (Social Psychology) from the University of São Paulo (USP), in the PST Concentration Area - Social and Work Psychology


Professor Doctor Lori Antonio Lucatelli- serving the community of Jaguari, Nova Esperança do Sul and Santa Maria-RS. Specialist in Clinical Humanistic Psychoanalysis by IMED-RS, Author of several books and publications of scientific articles. Analyst of students in analytical training at the Institute, Effective member of SINPERS - Union of Psychoanalysts of the State of Rio Grande do Sul


Dra. Ana Maria de Lima Camargo. Humanist Psychoanalyst. Graduated in Biological Sciences/Mathematics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, postgraduate in Natural Sciences from the Federal University of Santa Maria, in professional education integrated with the education of young adults. Teacher at the State and Municipal network in Santa Maria. Specialist in Humanistic Clinical Psychoanalysis, Training in Humanistic Psychoanalysis. ITPH. Writer of several scientific works. And Member of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis. Honorary Member, WAOHS Ambassador.

Maria Izabel Burin Cocco.jpeg

Dra. Maria Izabel Burin Cocco. Psychoanalyst Teaching Analyst, Doctor in Humanistic Psychoanalysis. Graduated in Science - UFSM/RS and Biology - Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters of Santa Cruz do Sul/RS. Training in Humanist Psychoanalysis at the Institute of Humanist Psychoanalysis of Santa Maria/RS. Post Graduation in Institutional Psychopedagogy - FACISA. Post-Graduation in Psychoanalytic Theory Faculdade Redentor/RJ. Effective member of the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis and president of SINPERS (Union of Psychoanalysts of the State of Rio Grande do Sul).

Rosângela Amaral.jpeg

Dra. Rosângela Amaral, Psychoanalyst, Teaching Analyst. Clinical Supervisor. ITPH professor. Writer. Lecturer. Teacher at the state school system in RS; Degree in Letters - CIESA; Training in early childhood education - OMEP; Training in flower therapy; Specialization in school organization; Speaker; PhD in Humanistic Psychoanalysis from the Humanistic University of Americas (HUA)

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Wilhelm. Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, Doctor in Social Psychology. Professor at the Argentine Museum College. President of Evexia: Foundation for Health Promotion. President of the Argentine Society of Jungian Psychoanalysis. Effective member of the world academy of sciences. Thesis advisor at the Humanist University of the Americas.

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Dra. Gabriela Renault

Dra in Psychology, Dr. in Education, Universidad del Salvador, Doctor Honoris Causa in Psychology University of Weston, Canada, Graduate in Psychopedagogy and Graduate in Psychology, USAL, specialist in Genetic Epistemology, Master in Observational Techniques, hospital supervisor, psychoanalyst , university professor, CONICET researcher, consultant, author of books and numerous publications, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Psychopedagogy of the University of Salvador.

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Prof. Dr. Omar Mosquera Doctor in Psychology from the Universidad del Salvador. Psychoanalyst. Clinical Supervisor Writer. Researcher and Doctoral Thesis Jury. Professor of the subjects "Psychopathology of Adulthood and Senescence" and "Diagnosis and Treatment of Adults and Gerontes" at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professor of the subjects "Freudian Theory", "Psychopathology I" and "Psychopathology II" at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Catholic University of Misiones, Misiones, Argentina. Published books: The superego. The Freudian elaboration. Buenos Aires: Letra Viva, 2011. The drives in analysis. Metapsychology and clinic. Buenos Aires: Letra Viva, 2016. The superego in women. Between the love of the Other and feminine enjoyment. Buenos Aires: Letra Viva, 2020. The superego. The Freudian elaboration. Buenos Aires: Editorial Letra Viva. 2021, second edition, expanded and corrected. Love in psychoanalysis. Infatuation, sexual ideal and masochism. Bs. As. Ediciones Praxis, 2000 (in collaboration

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Dra. Araceli Albino

Doctor in Psychology from the Universidad Del Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Graduated in Psychology from the University of Uberaba (1982); Postgraduate in Psychoanalysis and Language at PUC-SP; Specializations in Psychoanalytic and Contemporary Clinical Psychopathology and in Psychotherapy / Psychodynamics of adults at Instituto Sedes Sapientiae-SP. Former President of the São Paulo State Psychoanalysts Union, currently Vice President. Teaching Psychoanalyst. Individual and group Psychoanalytic Clinical Care since 1988. Creator of the Social Clinic: "Ana Joaquina" from SINPESP. Coordinator of the Psychoanalysis Course at the Brazilian Center for Psychoanalytical Research-NPP. Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Psychoanalysis at Faculdade Einstein – FACEI.

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H.E. Dr. Pablo Javier Varela Fregoso. Effective Member of the World Academy of Human Sciences. Honorary Ambassador for the city of Mexico. Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Director of the Mexican Institute of Psychoanalysis, A. C .; Professor, Teaching Analyst and Supervisor at the Mexican Institute of Psychoanalysis. Psychiatrist assigned to the outpatient psychiatry service at the Regional General Hospital No. 72 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security; Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Email:, Mexico City.