The Humanist University of Americas gives conditions to its students to study in several countries of Americas. Our goal is very clear and relevant. We want to help psychoanalysts and others persons who study the human mind, to accomplish their great dream, to become a scientist and researcher with advising of doctors in various fields of knowledge of the human mind.

         The headquarters of this university is in the city of Santa Maria-RS - Brazil. Students can obtain their PhD in psychoanalysis, making the option: classroom, semi-presence or at distance. We are an institution that conducts research and knowledge with various types of publications related to the study of the unconscious mind, based on the theoretical concepts of Erich Fromm, founder of the School of Humanist Psychoanalysis. As we have a theoretical production and research of these twenties years of activity, we believe that this literature can enrich and help in the research of future doctors in psychoanalysis.

         The Humanist University of Americas makes available to its students and people interested in doing science; several lines of research that can be contemplated within a plan of study at master and doctoral level in the field of ​​ research in humanistic psychoanalysis. free to know the requirements and the process advising of your doctoral thesis; all   information will be available on our website.

        We are accepting students from various countries! See the "Résumé" of our partners, for further information please fill out the form to request information, such as: Research Project, Advising, fees, agreement, and the post-graduation program in psychoanalysis. Professor Doctor Salézio Plácido Pereira, coordinator of this doctoral program, invites all interested persons to visit us at our address or even attend one of our theorists seminars, surely you will have an experience that adds value to your emotional quality of life. We are recognized by the Florida State Department, with the federal registration number: N°13000010792 of the United States of America - USA.