Dr. Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro Ferreira (Brazil)

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Dr. Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro Ferreira (Brazil). Teacher of University Humanistic of america.

Holds a degree in Biology from the University of Brasilia (1996) and a doctorate in General Physiology, University of São Paulo. Already taught classroom courses such as: Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology, as well as Distance Learning courses. I have experience in the area of ​​Comparative Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, acting on the following topics: oxidative stress, metabolism, antioxidant enzymes and pet adaptability. Currently working with Molecular Biology in plants of the Cerrado, PhD in Physiology.

University of São Paulo, USP, Brazil. Title: Study of antioxidant defenses in three animals under different experimental conditions, species Year obtained: Advisor: Dr. Marcelo Hermes-Lima. Keywords: Oxidative stress; adaptability animal; free radical metabolism; antioxidant enzymes. Major Area: Biological Sciences / Area: Physiology / Subarea: oxygen free radicals. Great Area: Biological Sciences / Biophysics. Great Area: Biological Sciences / Area: Biochemistry, Postdoctoral: Biological / Sciences Area.

University of Brasilia, UNB, Brazil. Fellow of (a): Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel. Major Area: Biological Sciences / Area: Botany / Subarea: Molecular Biology. http://buscatextual.cnpq.br