Ph.D. VALENTINE OFORKA NWANKWO – Theses Advisor Philosophy and Theology - volunteer work .

Doctor Valentine Oforka Nwankwo. Theses Advisor Philosophy and Theology - volunteer work of University Humanistic of Americas ( H.E. Honorary Ambassador of Nigeria – Africa. Member Effective. PhD in Sacred Theology, PhD in Comparative Religious Philosophy, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Divinity, Professor of Theology and Social Ethics. Honorary Doctorate in (LLD), Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomat in Theo-centric psychotherapy, BA/MA Crisis Management and Honorary Doctorate in Conflict Management, Master of Science in Logistics and Procurement, PhD in Management ,Bachelor of Forensic Science and fellowship and certificate programs, certified manager and mediator. This is because the success story of this great Nigerian is inexhaustible especially in the area of academic possession, particularly, the subject of Theology, crisis management, conflict resolution and clinical

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