Dr. Paul W Dyer.


Beyond earning a PhD In Philosophy in Alternative Medicine and a Doctorate in Martial Arts Science from Shinja Martial Arts University and University of San Diego, and a PhD in metaphysics.  Grandmaster. Dyer has also accrued many additional milestones in the 35-plus years he’s spent practicing martial arts. Dr. Dyer is a published author who writes about energy and wholeness of life’s health. – Masters in, Kinesiology , Nutrition, Metaphysics ,Metaphysics counseling. – Life and wellness coach. – Goodwill Ambassador of the international peace committee. – USA international Black Belt hall of fame inductee as life coach of the year. – Founder OF Mukan - Da System of Health.– President North American Kung-fu Federation.  ​

Email dakotadragondefense@gmail.com. West Fargo. North Dakota. Address 1429 34th street s #209 Fargo. ND 58103- 

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