Dr. Jenaro Romero.

Pastor Bachelor of Education Criminology Dr. Perito National Security Law and Criminal. PhD in Electronic Engineering. Dr. Honoris Causa in Criminology Dr. Honoris Causa in Education Sciences President of the World Association of Doctors. Chief Commissioner on Education and Safety, World Charter for Education CCLP Worldwide. Academic Impact (UN) Chief CCLP Worldwide - Spain. Diplomat. Director General of International Relations, Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Great Prir of San Ignacio de Loyola to Spain by His Holiness the Pope, Executive Director of Criminology of His Holiness the Pope, Auditor-Consultant. Author and Writer. Doctor Investigative Journalism Editor of criminal acts and Forensic Photography. Analyst, Intelligence and Professor in Police Sciences, Criminology, Criminology and Intelligence Analysis Schedule and postgraduate teaching, Vice Chancellor in www.nucss.ac. And some things, again, that require confidentiality clause. Email commissioner@cclpworldwide.com