Ph.d AWOA ALLO Paul Yannick.

Ambassador Honorary member. Member distinction of WAOHS to Cameroun. Doctorate in Theology "FAITH INSTITUTE« Doctor of Divinity "Global Academy of Universal Peace" Granted Title of Professor in Transmissiology, Goodwill Ambassador for Peace (AUGP), FAITH'S INSTITUTE Coordinator for Africa Region, Vice Minister of Religions for Africa within the framework of the Global Government Federation with headquarters in Colombo in Canada,Head of Mission in Central Africa for AUGP, Trainer of pastors in the AUGP, National Coordinator of Youth in enlightenment under the tutelage of UNAAEEC, Universal Peace Ambassador in the Circle of Ambassadors of Peace,Founder and Leader General of the Christian Assembly “CIEL” represented in Cameroon, France, CAR, Equatorial Guinea. E-mail :