Prof. Dr. Sohaku R. C. Bastos

Doctor in Acupuncture, by "The Open International University for Complementary Medicines" Colombo, Sri Lanka; PhD in Philosophy, Faculty of Medical Studies, UNIMEC, Sri Lanka; Bachelor of Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Studies of the Open International University of Colombo, Sri Lanka; Degree in Pedagogy from Entre Rios College (FAERP); Post-graduation (Lato Sensu) in School Management and Pedagogical Coordination, Einstein College, Salvador; Master in Hon-Ho by the Institute of Oriental Medicine Dr. Iwata, Tsuyama; Specialist in Electroacupuncture by the Institute of Systemic Electroacupuncture and Ryodoraku of Japan; Specialist in Osteopathy and Chiropractic by the Faculty of Physical Therapy of the Federation of Physiotherapy Faculties of Japan; Graduated in Oriental Medicine from the Koho School of Oriental Medicine in Japan; Post-graduation (Lato Sensu) in Psychoanalysis, Einstein College, Salvador, Brazil; He acts as General Consul -a.h of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in the State of Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo; President of the Brazil-Japan Cultural Institute (ICBJ), Rio de Janeiro; Vice President of the Federation of Foreign Chambers of Commerce - FCCE / National Confederation of Commerce - CNC, Rio de Janeiro; Director of the Brazilian Association of Education - ABE, Rio de Janeiro; President of the Brazilian Federation of Societies of Acupuncture and Integrative Practices in Health (FEBRASA).